Our services
Real estate consultation services and studies
RAFEN provides to real estate developers and investors in the sector, supporting services throughout the different stages of their project development. It serves as their trustworthy consultant. In addition, it coordinates between the different contracted parties involved in the development, including engineering and contracting offices, whereby it handles coordination and project management
This service includes the preparation of the required professional studies from, a marketing, financial and technical perspective. within the required global set criteria. Such studies are designed to enable the developer to use the findings for purposes of requesting financing assistance and support, or to submit the formal bodies concerned in order to obtain the required approvals and licenses
Studying the Project Idea
and development concept
RAFEN’s partnership with the real estate developer began at an early stage ,to achieve optimal outcomes of lower costs, and higher efficiency. It cherishes its experiences in evaluating the project idea , and studying the project site and area, in order to determine real estate requirements and required real estate products and services, their respective areas, expected selling price, available market demand, along with the estimating the development costs, leading to innovation in creating the development concept of the project.
Examining reviving revival of stumbled real estate projects
Are among the most sensitive and important tasks based on commitment to our values.. We provide reports and studies, with the utmost integrity and professionalism. We also provide creative solutions to correct the stumble. This could be based on the developmental concept and development type, or on either implementation, financing or investment.
Real Estate
Investment /studies
Are carried out in two ways:
1) When a real estate developer sections of his/ her project for investment to potential interested parties, during which the project is examined ,the value declared along with the expected returns on the investment.
2) When an investor requests RAFEN to provide the available opportunities for investment. In this case, these opportunities which qualify for investment are presented, ranging from land, developed projects of those under development. These projects are then studied along with their benefits before being presented to the investor.
Studies involving quarterly price changes regarding real estate projects
Periodic reports are provided every 3 months by RAFEN regarding the above studies to its clients. These include trends in the market, including fluctuations in prices, reflecting the status of the real estate market and its effects on the rate of exchange and the prices of real estate properties both in the short and long run.
Study and analysis of Real Estate ssessment reports
The department for studies at RAFEN analyze, the real estate valuation reports placing them in the context of the dynamics of the real estate market, in order to arrive at practical recommendations it could provide to its clients on how to operate successfully based on the scenarios available, in addition to coping positively with these reports and recommendations.